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Thanks for visiting my portfolio site, it’s great to have you here. My name is Gary and I’m a creative, but you probably already know that; I assume it’s why you’re here. This landing page will give you a little bit more information about me and my background in media and you can see examples of my work using the links above (or in the drop down menu if you’re browsing on a mobile device).


I’ve been writing professionally since 2015, when I started as a news writer for the gaming site GameGrin. by 2016 I was the site’s news editor, a role that saw me creating 5-10 pieces of news copy per day for around a year. I am currently one of the site’s longest serving staff writers. I’ve also contributed work to magazines Game On and The Film and TV Mag.


My day job is as Social Media Expert for RAC, with a specialty in organic social media marketing, predominantly through our Twitter and Facebook pages alongside Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our reach grows every day, but as of May 2021 we have over 56k likes on Facebook, 37.6k followers across our Twitter channels, and over a thousand Instagram followers.

Video and Voice

2017 saw the relaunch of the GameGrin YouTube channel. As an experienced video presenter on my own channel on YouTube, I was chosen as one of the two alternating presenters of our weekly gaming news program, becoming video editor in the process. A spin-off channel called Moving Pictures followed, and I have written scripts and added vocal work to videos for this channel alongside our talented team of movie and TV buffs. My main love is still gaming though, and I regularly post videos on the games of yesteryear at the Dominoid YouTube channel.

Personal Life

Whilst I’m proud of being born and bred in the beautiful county of Sussex, I currently live in the vibrant city of Bristol with my fiancée and two very hungry bunny rabbits. My passion for writing is supplemented by one for learning, which is why I’m currently studying for a BA in Politics, Economics and Philosophy with the Open University. In my spare time, I enjoy watching my beloved football team lose, playing the guitar rather badly, and listening to other people play the guitar in a wholly more professional fashion.